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Scientists Reveal Vertigo is Caused by Brain Poisoning

(...And A "Simple Home Remedy" For Quick Relief)

Top Health Consultant and Medical Researcher, Jim Benson, has uncovered the real root cause of vertigo dizziness and how it affects the brain.

His revolutionary research has uncovered that the root cause of vertigo attacks has NOTHING to do with aging or genetics... But instead with some of the things we consume on a daily basis, that lead to brain poisoning.

Over 157,600 people around the world have been able to completely relieve themselves from vertigo attacks and ear-ringing, using this "simple home remedy" that has nothing to do with any medication or expensive procedures.

Watch this short eye-opening video to uncover the unusual link between Green Tea, Ginseng & Vertigo. And learn why the big pharma companies don't want you to know about this simple at-home treatment...

Click Here To Watch The Video

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